About Us...

We Are A Services & Products Company

Enflow Information Systems began in 1990 with the creation of a pocket sized information product programmed and developed using Digital Research's Gem Draw.

We have worked with a number of different programming toolkits but since 1997 have found Visual Basic 6 & MS Access, VB.Net, ASP & ASP.Net to be the best all around programming solutions for rapid application development when creating any kind of custom software / database / web project inside the windows operating system.

We also specialize in creating Access Projects and Access front ends to either SQL Server 7/2000 or MSDE utilizing DAO / ADO for data access versatility and stored procedures for application performance and code maintenance.

Our development team consists of three senior programmers with many years of experience. When necessary, we employ extra professionals to help scale our programming team to efficiently and rapidly complete large scale information systems projects.

We focus strongly on  Modern Project Strategies  which enable our development teams to accurately target the user's, stakeholders and client's vision requirements.

Our clients  list includes a number of Fortune 500 companies, the US Navy as well as many small and medium sized businesses.