Case Study

Asilomar Signals Conference

A Few Screen Shots of the Workflow Solution...


Created an easy to use menu naviagation form for all software objects


Developed a contact input form which enters all the contact information for everyone involved in the seminar - this form/table acts as the mother to all other forms/tables and allows for efficent re-use of information. Created command buttons that would take the user to any other form or report object in the software with one click - The Papers Form, Registration Form, Administration Form, Ask Reports and General Reports. There is also the find button providing a function allowing the user to search for any contact by any field value.



Created a Paper-Authors input form to tie all the authors of a paper and their university information to a particular paper that was accepted and to be presented at the seminar. Top section provides primary contact author, presenting author, submit date, assigned session presentation, type of paper, and status of paper. The subform bottom provides all the sub authors information and keywords the paper would be described by. If you double click on the session assignment value you will open the Session admin form to that exact session for more info. If you double click on any author name on the subform you will open his contact information where you can change it and when the main Contact form closes it will refresh the Papers form data.



Next Developed a Sessions form for assigning each paper and its author-presenter a session time within the weekly seminar schedule. The main form includes the session identifying mnemonic, checkboxes to identify it as either a poster session or split session, session name, session chair, paper interval (how long between this paper and the next within this session) and start time and end time. The subform holds all the specific paper IDs, paper names, their ordinal order, and start times. If you double click on a paper name you will open the Papers form to that exact paper to get more information.



Created a registration form which included a subform showing registrant purchases at the seminar. Once a registrant is entered then he can easily be found by using the drop down Search For A Registrant textbox.




Built numerous reports for reporting seminar statistical information

Report Form 1 - Check a box - Click print button

Report Form 2 - Check a box - Click print button



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