Case Study

CTB / McGraw Hill

A Few Screen Shots of the Workflow Solution...


Created a Menu Bar for user friendly access to forms, reports, queries, database window, etc...


Designed an easy to use, compact tabbed entry form for adding course / teacher evaluation information... Also includes on click opening of minor forms for add-edit-deleting-finding teachers and courses.

Tab One - General Course Information

Tab Two - Content / Instructor / Process / Environment

Tab Three - You the Participant

Plus the two Add-Edit-Find-Delete forms

Teacher Form (user clicks Add Teach)

Class Form (user clicks Add Class)



Created a simple to use form for one click creation and export to MS Excel of complex training reports information grouped by Vice President. There is also the optional user choice of producing either a complete detailed report (non-grouped) or a summary report for all divisions. Included on this form is the one click import of hundreds of records from a .csv file that was downloaded from an online web application (Import button) and the add-edit-delete form for updating VP divisional information. (see VP form just below)

Vice President Add-Edit-Delete Form



Created an easy to use teacher / course evaluation reporting form which reduced the time for report generation from 2-3 days to 2-3 seconds. The Evaluation Report from gives the user the option to filter evaluation reports by: date, teacher, class, teacher and date, class and date, teacher and class - enabling granular business intelligence analysis.

The user also has a choice of generating two appendices reports for student comments / thoughts targeting the selected class, teacher or date range.


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