We create Custom Information Systems from the ground up… from Scratch… Software, Databases, Webs, Apps, etc.

We work extremely hard at understanding how to integrate a custom Information System into your existing Business Ecosystem so as to reduce costs, minimize labor hours and increase profits.

Learning to write code is not really hard but knowing how to properly integrate an information system into a client’s Business Ecosystem at all levels (workers, office, local group, division, company, national, international) is a lot more challenging and much more valuable for a client… This is what we do.

We have built software, database, webs, apps, etc. Information Systems for Fortune 500 companies, McGraw Hill, the Navy, US Government, State Governments, City Governments and small, intermediate and large businesses.

We always do upfront design before coding: agile mock ups, software architecture, database schemas, etc.


Microsoft Programming Tools & Applications: Access Database Programming, SQL Server Database Developer, Microsoft Access, VB.NET, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP.NET, ASPX, ADO, ADO.NET, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Front Ends, Help Systems, Web Systems, Web Databases, Access Runtimes, Excel programming, SharePoint Dev, and Project Management.


Software Development

  • C#
  • VB.Net
  • VBA Aps

Excel Programing

  • Financial Application
  • Stock Market Applications
  • SQL Server Date Connections

Database Development

  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access Software
  • Microsoft Access Databases

MS Access Programming

  • Charity Software
  • Business Software
  • Organizational Software

Web Programming

  • Web Forms
  • Web Coding
  • Web Database

Content Creation

  • Technical Content Writing
  • Business Contract Documents
  • Information System Architecture



Enflow LLC programing and development team are working on a Dynamic Email / PDF attachment system that would send out 125+ million emails a week. Each with links to a PDF file (having a username / password security) holding very complex, detailed, and unique information for each user. We can Send 500+ million email PDF newsletters a month each one has unique data.


Enflow LLC legal and development research team is almost finished developing a Master Legal Document Contracts Templates System for Software, Web, Database, & Application development. With complete, in-depth legal subsections for each user to modify legal contracting liabilities. Covers every legal risk and liability protocol with pre written sections.


Domain Name owners, who are not programmers, that want to sell names on BEAUTIFUL Web Pages where they can easily position all the info and fine tune all the positioning of their 4-Sale page without coding. Check our Domain Name For Sale Templates. Only $24.95 and the beautiful images that come with them are yours royalty free.


Forex, Bonds, Stocks, Commodities, Options, Crypto. Create your on the fly deeply detailed or simple (customized by you) PDF Financial data reports for all the speculative investment assets in the USA. Charts, Data, spreadsheet presentations. All Financial related data grouped to understand where, when and how to place your trades.


Small Companies

  • DataTrain Information Co.
  • Hayward Lumber Company
  • Kurz Instruments Company
  • Hampton-Brown Publishing Co.
  • Community Hospital of Monterey
  • Naval Post Graduate School (Monterey)
  • Monterey Bay Research Institute (MBARI)

Medium-Large Companies

  • McGraw Hill
  • Fresh Express
  • Sierra Instruments
  • Anteon Corporation
  • Granite Construction Co.
  • Bekins Moving and Storage Co.
  • PRISM – Prisoner Rights – Maryland

Local | State | Federal

  • US Navy
  • US Airforce
  • City of Marina, CA.
  • City of Seaside, CA
  • City of Livermore, CA.
  • City of Pebble Beach, CA
  • US Dept: HUD, Trans, Edu


Software | Databases | Webs | Apps

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